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4465 Northpark Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

Mermaid Cove is Colorado Springs unique swim school where a child as young as 2 years old will start swimming in 10 lessons or less.  

At Mermaid Cove Swim School our caring instructors are experienced and well trained. Using a gentle swim-float-swim method that focuses on the individual needs of each child even the most timid swimmer will gain confidence and learn to swim. This technique helps to build a child's confidence while teaching them to be safe in the water. Best of all we are fun! We work with special needs children as well as advanced swimmers and adults. We also work with babies as young as 6 months in our unique one on one parent and me program. Our program can be customized to fit the needs of the individual and family's special needs. You can even create your own group swim with our create-a-group program.

Beyond swim lessons, Mermaid Cove offers memorable all-inclusive birthday parties where the guests transform into a mermaid!  If your little mermaid is nervous about actually wearing a mermaid tail, we have lessons for that. 

Our fun activities include a one-of-a-kind mermaid club. For the more advanced swimmer, we offer the Elite Club, a pre-swim team club for the group experience.  

Continue into the world of Mermaid Cove and meet our swim teachers, view our swimming pool, discover our beautiful mermaid tails, and join our mermaid club or elite pre-swim team club.

Your adventure awaits at Mermaid Cove!

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4465 Northpark Drive Suite 150    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Open Swim at Mermaid Cove
Saturdays 2:15-4:00
Reservations Required
  $10.00/person for a group of 4 or more
All current swim families $10.00/person
Mermaid Tail rental $5.00/person

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Why​ Should I teach my young child how to Swim?
It's not just about safety and fitness anymore.
Studies show that children who learn to swim at an early age reach developmental milestones earlier than non-swimming children. Please take time to read the articles below for more information on the benefits of swimming in young children.

Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology​
Science Daily
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